A randomized controlled trial comparison of LMA® Gastro™, classic LMA and endoscopy mask for anesthesia during adult gastroscopy


LMA® Gastro™; airway management; gastroscopy; adults

Published online: Apr 20 2022


F. MenegattI, M. Lievens , L. De Volder, O. Haegeman, M. Coppens, L. De Baerdemaeker

Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium.


The current study evaluated the feasibility of the newly developed LMA® Gastro™ for elective gastroscopy in adults. By means of a randomized controlled trial comparison, the LMA® Gastro™ was compared to the commonly used endoscopy mask and classic LMA with regard to patient safety, patient comfort and user-friendliness for both the anesthesiologist and the gastroenterologist. To achieve this, 65 patients were randomly divided into three groups (i.e., endoscopy mask, classic LMA and LMA® Gastro™) and patients’ saturation levels were compared by means of analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), while controlling for the fraction of inspired oxygen. Results indicated that the innovative LMA® Gastro™ is significantly more effective than the endoscopy mask in maintaining the desired oxygen saturation during elective gastroscopy. Furthermore, patients’ VAS-scores for sore throat were measured before and after the intervention and compared by means of ANCOVA. Results showed comparable levels of sore throat when using the LMA® Gastro™ and the classic LMA, but ventilation with the endoscopy mask resulted in the lowest level of sore throat. Finally, the anesthesiologist’s and gastroenterologist’s satisfaction with the airway device were analyzed by means of ANOVA, resulting in a positive evaluation of the device by both medical practitioners. Just like the classic LMA, the anesthesiologist found the LMA® Gastro™ easier to handle than the endoscopy mask. However, the introduction of the gastroscope was found to be more straightforward in the LMA® Gastro™ due to the presence of the second channel.